About Us

I originally founded The Right Words in 1994 to provide freelance marketing and technical communications services to small software development firms in the metropolitan Washington DC area, while searching for that elusive "perfect" full time job. Since then, I moved to Charlotte, NC, and expanded my focus to consulting with a variety of small- to medium-sized businesses, both in the IT industry and outside of of it.

Over the last ten years, I developed a philosophy that all facets of business communications should be integrated. Each facet--marketing, technical, and internal communications--has its own focus, requiring its own tactics to best achieve the organization's overall goals. None of these tactics works in a vacuum: on-line help and manuals are integral to marketing; training and internal communications are integral to complete user support. And managing and retaining key knowledge within your organization has become a critical factor for business of every size. Whether your business needs a single element on a short deadline, or assistance with an overall strategy, I'll put every resource to work to provide what you need.

When your business goal is to satisfy your customers, it's critical to find a consultant who can understand your business and your customers, and already knows how the elements work together. And I work with a select group of partners who independently provide a range of services that complement and extend what I offer. These partners and I are dedicated to the concept of Discover, Develop and Deliver Excellence. Review my credentials and check out some samples. Then contact me to find out more about how The Right Words can help with your next communications project.